BAE Plans 146/Avro Air-to-air Refueling Variant Development

BAE Systems has announced plans to develop a new variant of its 146/Avro air-to-air refuelling aircraft. The new variant, known as the 146/Avro AJR, will feature several upgrades and modifications to the existing 146/Avro design, including the addition of a refueling boom and drogue system for mid-air refueling operations. Background on the 146/Avro The 146/Avro […]

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4 Aircraft Maintenance Tips To Keep You Safe In The Air

As an aircraft owner or operator, safety should be your top priority. Proper maintenance is essential to ensure that your aircraft is reliable and safe to fly. In this blog post, we’ll cover four aircraft maintenance tips to keep you safe in the air. Follow the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule One of the most important things […]

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Five Different Generations of Jets

Jet fighters have crossed many generations, which have different historical leaps, and have also faced various other authorities in their classifications. Therefore, the aircraft generation notion is applied only to jets rather than the other propeller differences in the 1990s. Since then, many leap fragging improvements have been made in fighter jets through significant advances […]

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