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Air Dolomiti

Air Dolomiti began operating five BAe 146-300s leased from BAE Systems in 2005. They were replaced by Embraer 195s in 2009.

Air One

CityJet operates an Avro RJ85 on services from Milano Linate to London City on behalf of Italian airline Air One. Until November 2009, the service had been operated by Transwede using an Avro RJ70 in full Air One colors. A second RJ70 had also been operated on services from Roma Fiumicino until October 2007.

Airsal – Linee Aeree Campane

Flightline occasionally operated a BAe 146 on behalf of Salerno-based Airsal during 2005.


Alisarda ordered four BAe 146 in 1990. The airline had just begun to take delivery of the 146s when it changed its name to Meridiana.

Alitalia Express

Alitalia contracted Azzurra Air to operate services on its behalf under the Alitalia Express brand, using Avro RJ70s and RJ85s, from April 1998 to the end of March 2002.

Azzurra Air

Azzurra Air was founded in December 1995, with three Avro RJ85s. They were later joined by four Avro RJ70s. The RJs were initially operated on the airline’s own account, then on behalf of Alitalia Express, and then again on the airline’s own account. All seven RJs were repossessed by Air Malta in December 2003.

Ciao Fly

Italian start-up airline Ciao Fly flew between Parma and London Luton from July 1 to August 26, 2002, using a succession of wet-leased BAe 146s: first an Air Jet series 200, then a WDL Aviation series 200, and then a Flightline series 300.

Club Air

Club Air began operations with two former Flightline BAe 146-200s in October 2002. Additional 146s, Avro RJ85s, and Avro RJ70s were added to the fleet over time. The airline shut down in December 2006. Operations resumed under new management in August 2007, initially using a single RJ85, later joined by an RJ70. Operations were once again shut down in May 2008.

Goldwing Airlines

Palermo-based Goldwing Airlines began services from Taranto to Rome and Milan in December 2000, using a wet-leased Flightline BAe 146-200. Goldwing had planned to use a BAe 146-100 leased from Air Botswana, but had not received its AOC. After a few days, the Flightline 146 was replaced by a Med Airlines SAAB 2000. The airline suspended operations in early March 2001.

Italiatour Airlines

Italiatour Airlines started operations in April 2009 using a former Club Air Avro RJ85, initially flying from Brescia’s Montichiari Airport to Roma (Fiumicino) and Crotone. Services were suspended in September 2009, and never restarted.


Meridiana operated four BAe 146-200s from Firenze from 1991 to early 2004, when they were replaced by Airbus A319s.

Mistral Air

Mistral Air operated two BAe 146QTs freighters on behalf of TNT and of its owner, the Italian Post Office. The 146s were based at Roma’s Ciampino airport.

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