AVRO RJ jets

Things you need to know about AVRO RJ jets

AVRO RJ jets

The Avro Business Jet was specifically designed as a private and business aircraft. The BAE Systems Regional Aircraft Center at the storied Avro Airfield at Woodford in England is where the Avro RJ family of aircraft was created. It delivered 170 aircraft. 1993 saw the delivery of the first production aircraft, while 2002 saw the end of production.


The adaptable Avro RJ Jet offers a variety of interior configurations and cabin layouts, including a club four seating arrangement with a distinct dining and lounge space or a typical rowed arrangement of 46 seats. The Avro RJ Business Jet is an excellent choice for people searching for high-end flying alternatives for large groups. Smaller parties have the option of using the newly renovated interior, which provides a quiet area for business and recreation that rivals the high standards.


Several Avro RJ jet models share the same characteristics such as:

  • Modern multimedia technologies, high-speed satellite Internet, telephony, and conference communication are all available in the passenger cabin.
  • Modern low-power aircraft engines are installed in every aircraft.
  • The sides are fairly affordable, making them an excellent choice for any kind of rental.

Wings and a fuselage

Hot air de-icing systems are installed on the leading edges of the wing.  The dual Dunlop wheels on the Dowty tricycle-style landing gear are of high quality. The all-metal fail-safe wings have machined skins, whereas the fail-safe fuselage has chemically etched skin. The 2 chief landing gear sets and nose wheels both fold into fairings on either side of the fuselage. Dunlop multi-disc carbon brakes with the hydraulic operation are installed on the primary wheels.

The engines of Avro RJ aircraft

The Avro RJ aircraft is powered by four Honeywell LF 507 turbofan engines each rated at 31.1kN. Full authoritative digital engine control, or FADEC, is installed in the engine and offers cooler temperature starts, power management, and surveillance of the engine temperatures and speed to save fuel usage. Regional jets typically fly between 450 and 900 kilometers, but the Avro RJ’s extended range and low fuel consumption allow it to regularly go over 3,000 kilometers.

Avro RJ aircraft

Avro’s rental rate for private aircraft

There are dozens of locations worldwide from which to hire this private jet. Both business and leisure travelers will benefit from the medium-sized private aircraft. You can contact dealers and suppliers or make an online reservation to rent an Avro Business Jet. The AVRO RJ is often rented out for about 17,800 USD per hour. You should be aware that these numbers are merely illustrative. Contact a jet charter specialist, who can provide you with a number of quotations so you can choose the best jets for your needs.

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