Avro RJ Aircraft

Which Airlines Still Operate Avro RJ Aircraft?

Avro RJ Aircraft

The Avro RJ Aircraft series is popular for its efficiency and speed. It is produced by British Aerospace. It offers a high level of comfort to the passengers and is undoubtedly a favorite for both the pilots and the passengers. Many airlines still operate Avro RJ Aircraft. Here are some Avro RJ Aircrafts that airlines still use:


This particular aircraft has to be the smallest in the Avro RJ Aircraft series. It has four engines and is mainly used as a regional airliner. It can accommodate anywhere between eighty to ninety passengers. It hasn’t been that active compared to the other Avro RJ aircraft. It is currently only being used by Bolivian carrier TAM Empresa Pública, M-STRY, and G-ETPK.



The RJ100 has a reputation for being the largest aircraft produced by British Aerospace. It has been produced in large numbers and is well known for its comfortable seating and efficient flying ability. It is actually a variant of the BAe 146-100. It’s the brainchild of Hawker Siddeley. It is known to have the most unique design among all the other aircraft in the Avro RJ Aircraft family.

It has four engines that come with the ability to turn their heads when the aircraft is flying in the air. Qesh Airlines in Iran owns at least five of them, while Aerovias DAP in Chile, Air Libya, Cobham Aviation in Australia, and Pionair all own four aircraft each.

Royal Air Philippines, Summit Air in Canada, and Mahan Airlines in Iran all own three aircrafts each. The RJ100 also occupies an important place in the Bahrain Defence Force and is recognized for its usefulness. It is also used by the Moroccan Government for its comfort and style. It is used by QinetiQ in the UK as well.


RJ85 is an aircraft that was produced as an enhancement of the design and features seen in the BAe 146-200. It was also produced in large numbers and is known for its smart design. It is well known for its excellent short-field performance and was initially produced keeping only remote airfields in mind. It is ideal for noise-sensitive airports.

The RJ85 is characteristic of making a minimal amount of noise. It is also noted for its excellent climb performance. It offers a high level of safety to the passengers as well. Aero-Flite in the USA uses at least thirteen RJ85s. Conair Aviation in Canada and Mahan Airlines in Iran own five of them each. Aerovias DAP, Dubai Air Wing, Summit Air, and TezJet Air Company own two of them each.

To Sum Up

British Aerospace has undoubtedly produced some of the finest aircraft in the aviation industry. It is sad indeed to note how these aircraft have become very rare. However, the airlines mentioned in this article still recognize and appreciate it.

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